Stroke Rehabilitation

Having a stroke interrupts the connections between the brain and muscles. It can cause a loss of mobility and movement. Stroke can cause paralysis on one side of the body and result in a long-term disability. However, stroke rehabilitation is both crucial during the early stage of recovery and helps stroke survivors regain control and movement of affected muscles.

The Purpose and Benefits of Post-Stroke Physical Therapy

In the first weeks and months of recovery from a stroke, physical therapists work with patients to keep muscles stimulated and toned.  Our physical therapists at Bredy PT in Miramar, FL, help patients relearn everyday skills and retrain the brain to control affected body part.

Once oxygen is restored to the brain, the brain and body begin a long process of recovery. Post-stroke physical therapy rehabilitation is a large part of this recovery process. As a matter of fact, physical therapy typically begins 24 hours after a stroke. The field of physical therapy has come a long way in treatment methods for stroke recovery. The seven stages framework for involuntary and spastic muscle movement, known as the Brunnstrom Approach, is used to assist in stroke rehabilitation.