Patient Testimonials

  • At the time I had made contact with them I was already skeptical of physical therapist. My last visit with a doctor in the south Florida area was not favorable. I left angry thinking what a waste of time and money. Their office restored my trust in this field and the amazing work that can be done when people care. I would recommend them 10x over. I am grateful for their services.

    Matt J.

  • I looked to exercise as a way to beat my family history of heart disease and as a release from work and life’s stressors. As a result of a shoulder injury, I was unable to exercise. I came to Bredy Physical Therapy after rotator cuff surgery feeling depressed and defeated. I was unable to lift my arm unassisted and had limited range of motion. Within two weeks, I was able to lift my arm and saw significant improvement in my range of motion. I heard horror stories about how awful physical therapy would be. My experience was very different from my expectations. He was very gentle and always concerned about my level of pain. I am amazed at my progress after every visit. My surgeon was equally impressed. I am now hopeful about making a return to doing what I love and kicking heart disease’s butt in the process!


  • My experience at Bredy Physical Therapy was second to none. The location and hours were both accommodating. I would highly recommend this business mainly because the service is personal. The staff provided quality service, which seems to be rare these days. Two thumbs up for Bredy Physical Therapy.


  • Bredy Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab, LLC is taking good care of my nephew.

    Yashika B.

  • They are great at what they do.


  • Even with a massage, pain runs at the surface.  But with Bredy Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation they make sure your treatment caters to a plan that specifically meets your needs.


  • Celebrating Vision and Courageous Leadership.  Vania and Yonel, may you continue to be and do all that you’ve been purposed to be and do!

    Shanequa F.

  • Awesome first time consultation with Mr. Bredy for my son ShaMaury.  He was very engaging and they both had each other laughing very quickly!  Thank you so much for your professionalism and recommendations.

    Taimara B.

  • I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bredy Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab, LLC in particular Yonel Bredy for your outstanding service.  My mother’s neighbor a Vietnam Veteran suffered three strokes mid year 2016, and doctors sent him home with hospice care and a doctor’s appointment for sometime next year not expecting him to live of course.  Well God showed up and continues to show out through Mr. Bredy.  My neighbor has not made significant improvement and is up walking around his home with a walker.  The family is amazed at his ongoing recovery and his wife emphatically thanked me for the referral.  When you do what you love for great care and passion, the pay is only an incentive, the rewards are your clients.  Blessings!

    Terri-Anne B.

  • Best PT and Sports Rehab in South Florida, give them a call today.

    Kenya M.

  • This dynamic duo is awesome!  Check them out for all of your physical therapy needs.  Stop living in pain!

    Shawndra L.

  • Bredy Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab providers a variety of treatment plans in clinic and exercises for you to perform at home independently.

    Linda T.

  • This is a great business with a heart for serving.

    Joshua J.

  • The best place for all your Physical Therapy needs, caring and professional staffs.

    Bridgett P.

  • Mr. Bredy is professional and the The therapists are wonderful. Mr. Brady is very involved in patient care and addresses your concerns. The environment is immaculate which also is import fir patient care. Big thanks