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Personal Training

sports therapy 3 1349x385 150x150 Personal TrainingPhysical Therapy versus Personal Training…..what’s the big difference?

At Bredy PT, we believe that physical therapy and personal training go hand-in-hand.  Physical therapists are trained to diagnose, treat, and manage pain, injuries, and diseases.  Personal trainers create exercise programs unique to their client’s need and help them maintain or improve their health.  While both professionals and their services vary, together they reach the same common goal….and that is to create a better you!

Common Sports Injuries

Whether it’s an immediate, dramatic break or damage that accumulates over time, sports can do some serious damage. The workout-related problems we frequently treat include:

Repetitive stress conditions. Arthritis and tendonitis often stem from sports moves like swinging a racket or throwing a ball. Joints and muscles can become inflamed in vulnerable areas, including shoulders, elbows, hips, ankles, and knees.

Torn tendons and ligaments. Those dramatic jumps, twists, and stretches can result in equally dramatic “snapped” tissues, especially in the knees, shoulders, and groin. Surgery followed by physical therapy is often the prescription.

Strained back. Sometimes that sore lower back pain just won’t go away with basic home care. In such cases, we’ll work with you to rebuild strength and flexibility.

Fractures and breaks. When you have a bone injury during a game or workout, a trip to the emergency room usually results in a cast to promote healing. But as your bone is recovering, the muscles around it are weakening. Physical therapy helps to strengthen the affected area following a fracture.

Our personal fitness trainers design exercise programs tailored to help our clients execute them.  Sometimes following rehabilitation, patients may require extra hands on guidance to get them back to the level they once were.  Our physical therapists refers patients to one of our personal trainers in these situations.  The personal trainer will continue treatment with corrective exercises and a properly designed workout program.  They also coach clients to a healthier style of living, help prevent injuries and health clients the advice of their physicians or physical therapists.

Our personal trainers recognize limitations within their level of expertise and know when to refer patients to the appropriate medical professional, such as our physical therapist or to an orthopedist, cardiologist or rheumatologist.  Our personal trainers are Exercise Physiologists who are trained to study the effect of exercise on pathology, and the mechanisms by which exercise can reduce or reverse disease progression.

Our overall goal at Bredy Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab is to properly rehabilitate, train and improve your health.  Contact Us Today at Matthews, NC Center to learn more and hear about our personal training programs.