Pediatric Therapy Miramar, FL

Pediatric Therapy

Bredy PT treats pediatric patients ranging from age 2 – 18. We are “Early Step” providers and provide home health services in addition to therapy performed at gyms or in the school setting. Our therapists customize treatment unique to the needs of the child being treatment. We provide children with care that improves development, coordination, neuromuscular conditioning and daily life activities. Although each child’s goal differs based on their needs, our goal is to ensure that each child is engaged and happy during and after their therapy. Children are encouraged to change the name of routine exercises to what is comfortable to them. Allowing them to create the names of their exercises not only engages them but it boosts their confidence and level of endurance. Family members are involved in our therapeutic treatment plans. We encourage them to learn the exercises being performed so that they can monitor their children at home and ensure that they are exercising routinely and correctly. Listed below are conditions that benefit from our pediatric therapeutic programs:

  • Gross motor skill deficits
  • Toe Walking
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Hypotonia
  • Sports-related pain or injury rehabilitation
  • Brain trauma/injuries
  • General orthopaedic injuries
  • Balance and coordination difficulties
  • Limitations of range of motion and strength

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