Senior Wellness & Geriatric Therapy, Matthews, NC

Senior Wellness

It is our goal to ensure that seniors are exercising regularly and taking care of their bodies on a daily basis. To promote senior wellness,  we volunteer at senior living facilities each month by providing exercise classes and education to senior members in the community. Combining routine exercise and education invigorates the senior population and provides them with a sense of independence, as it relates to maintaining their physical health and wellness. Yonel and Vania of Bredy Physical Therapy, have over 15 years of experience working with the geriatric population and have learned over the years that our patients love being active and appreciate our focus on their physical well being. Adding musical classics and hits to their exercise routine encourages them to return to our classes monthly eager to get more active. For more information about our instructor-led classes, please call us at 954-530-6845 or Contact Us Today at Matthews, NC Center.